One of our goals here at Squidly Co. is to bring together a collective of gifted artisans to bring our unique designs to life! We’re currently looking for graphic artists, 3D designers, and experienced leather workers who are open to contract work on original designs. Contact Us Here!

Meet The Squidly Co. Artists!

Odd Fox Armory

Odd Fox Armory specializes in handmade leather and chain mail creations, including fun nerdy jewelry, gaming accessories, heirloom quality welded silver jewelry, and a second-to-none selection of pride items! Fox and their Partner live just north of Seattle, and are proud members of the local Queer & Kink Communities!

Brigits Bracelets

Hi! My name is Brigit and I’m a junior at the University of Washington. When I’m not making friendship bracelets and crocheted animals I can be found drinking coffee, hanging out with my cats, and rowing for UW!

Daryl Kidd, 3D Designer

Daryl (He/They) is one half the owner/partner pair here at SquidlyCo! They are a long-time 3D Designer, versatile and self taught in many drafting & programming languages. Their innate creative streak and sharp eye for detail make them truly excellent at designing products for 3D Resin & Silicone Applications!

Kegan Kidd, Studio Artist & Educator

Kegan (He/Him) is the other half the owner/partner pair here, and a proud creative chaos gremlin! He’s worn a lot of artistic hats over the years – painting, sculpting, epoxy furniture – teaching everything from Pre-K Art Classes to Advanced Resin Workshops! Now he wears a lot of creative, marketing, and production hats here at Squidly Co.!