As Neurodivergent Adults ourselves, we understand that our Sensory Aids being accessible isn’t just about design – it’s also about affordability and ease of access. We’ve decided to address accessibility for those who may not be able to afford our products by creating a donation pool with a no-questions-asked application for individuals. This effort is aided by communal support via direct donations from our amazing customers!

For every 50 items we sell here at (of any kind), we will earmark 1 item to be added to this pool. If we don’t have enough individual applications, we’ll make bulk donations (like the 50 piece Donation made in July shown in the video below!)

We will do our very best to match items to the requests, and even give a choice between available pieces when possible. Know a group that could use a bulk donation of sensory aids? Contact Us!

Individuals Can Apply Here!

Sensory Aids Gifted As Of 08/04/2023: 112