Here at Squidly Co., we understand that our items being Accessible isn’t just about design – it’s also about affordability and access. We’ve decided to address access for those who may not be able to afford our products by creating a lottery and mutual aid via direct donations from customers.

For every 50 items we sell here at (of any kind), we will earmark 1 item to be given to an individual who has entered this lottery. At the beginning of each month, we’ll tally the total sold items from the previous month. For each item, we’ll verify a human from this lottery to receive it and email them to let them know to expect it, as well to verify their shipping address is still accurate and active. Those items will ship out by the 15th (with our Patreon monthly subscription tiers). We will do our very best to match items to the requests, and even give a choice between available pieces when possible. You Can Apply Here!

Want to help? You can purchase a discounted item to be given to an applicant! Shop Below: