Assorted Chewelry Reviews from the Squidly Co. Patreon:

“This is my favorite chewy I’ve ever had. I have always found them either too hard of too soft or too large and irregular shaped (like just the geometric shapes) to chew comfortably (I have TMJD, which can make it painful to bite or chew when things are awkwardly shaped or too large). It is a good size and usually I can use it comfortable for a long while. Some days I have flair ups though so I may also buy the light chewer version to see how it fairs with me and if the smaller is easier chewing on bad days.
The material has just the right amount of give for me though, squishy but not too much…Standing up very well to chewing and stretching, I literally stretched as hard as I could once with no damage. Some scuffing on the smooth back, but that is to be expected…The look of the texture is very nice and I love that there are varying textures (side isn’t exactly smooth, smooth back, then the scales).”
Chewelry Beta Tester Testimonial (Anon), Beta Tester Via Patreon
“So, I’m a fan of the chewelery! I like to nom a little aggressively and it’s stood up to quite a bit of chewing without making my jaw hurt, which is important. It’s also a bit squishy and has a nice surface texture, so I end up playing with it in my hands even when I’m not chewing it. The string it comes on is also nice, mainly because it doesn’t really have the cheap plastic clasp that other chewelery pieces have. Overall it’s pretty pog”
Chewelry Beta Tester Testimonial (Anon), Beta Tester Via Patreon
“I absolutely love my chewelry. It helps so much with my anxiety while out and about cause it gives me something to focus on. Or when I’m just at work and nothing really going on which also gets the anxious feels. It keeps me from chewing on my hoodie. 😁”
Chewelry Beta Tester Testimonial (Anon), Beta Tester Via Patreon
“Chewelry has been great. It’s a lot squishier than I was expecting which while definitely more fragile than the ARK ones I’ve got also feels much better on my teeth. I ordered some others that were more textured than the brain one I’ve got, I imagine I’ll like the more textured ones for hand fidgeting. The subtle brain texture is great for oral stim though. The color is gorgeous! “
Chewelry Beta Tester Testimonial (Anon), Beta Tester Via Patreon

Assorted Sticker Reviews from the Squidly Co. Etsy Shop:

“Wow, I was seriously blown away by the quality of this vinyl sticker! The design is so well-made and attention-grabbing, it really stands out. And let me tell you, this sticker is made of some seriously tough stuff – the material is thick and durable, and the adhesive is strong! Seller was absolutely fantastic!”
“I was really impressed with the quality of this vinyl sticker. The design was on point and had great attention to detail. The material was thick and tough, and the adhesive was strong enough to keep the sticker in place, even after being exposed to the elements. It’s been holding up great and hasn’t shown any signs of fading or peeling. I’m super happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this shop to anyone who wants to add some personal flair to their stuff and keep it looking awesome for a long time.”
“Yay! Thank you so much! The USPS messed up, but seller was wonderful and remedied the situation. So happy with my sticker! Had a special place planned for it on my water bottle :) Excellent quality, love it!”
“Ordered a bunch of stickers for my niece. Quick shipping and good quality.”
“The shop owner was super sweet and helped me figure out how to get the sticker off the backing when I was having trouble. The sticker itself is amazingly beautiful and extremely waterproof.”
“So cute. I got this for my bonus dads scooter and he thought it was hilarious lol. The seller even threw in a free sticker that I kept and put on my water bottle!”
“Love them! Good quality and very cute!”
“Perfect! Fast delivery and it looks awesome.”
“Perfect sticker. Love the look of it and the quality is amazing. Great design!”
“Excellent quality stickers. Love these designs!!”
“Very nice quality, the perfect size, exactly like the picture, and I received an extra! Thanks so much!”