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Custom Single Color Size Small FaePod Fantasy Silicone Plug
Custom Single Color Size Large FaePod Fantasy Silicone Plug

Custom Single Color Size Medium FaePod Fantasy Silicone Plug

Custom Single Color Size Medium FaePod Fantasy Silicone Plug


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This order is for a single 4.1″ Tall Size Medium FaePod Silicone Plug in the vivid Signature Color of your choice!

Need Color Inspiration? Check out our Gallery of Previous Silicone Toy Creations!

All our Silicone Creations are made with Smooth-On Platinum-Cure Silicone – the highest rated material for body safe silicone! Platinum-Cure Silicone is also odorless, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean with your favorite silicone-safe toy cleaner. It’s also extremely heat resistant – you can boil it for 30 seconds or even run it through a dishwasher to sanitize!

Shipped via USPS in a completely nondescript white box for your privacy!

Turquoise Kelly Green Pumpkin Cerulean Chocolate Candy Apple Forest Green Hot Pink Lavender Lemon Dark Violet Sage Purple Passion Midnight Black Hydrangea Petal Pink Rose Gold Copper Pine Green Navy Blue Gold Silver Sparkle Buttercream Ripe Peach Crimson Peacock Green Charcoal Merlot Clear (Semi-Transparent) Shimmer White Aqua Pearl (Pearlescent) Blue Pearl (Pearlescent) Purple Pearl (Pearlescent) Gold Pearl (Pearlescent) Green Pearl (Pearlescent) Rose Pearl (Pearlescent) Holographic Glitter (Semi-Transparent) Gold Mica Flake (Semi-Transparent) Silver Mica Flake (Semi-Transparent) Purple Pearl Sparkle (Pearlescent & Semi-Transparent) Green Pearl Sparkle (Pearlescent & Semi-Transparent) Rose Pearl Sparkle (Pearlescent & Semi-Transparent) Blue Pearl Sparkle (Pearlescent & Semi-Transparent)

Every Adult Toy Order Comes with a Squidly Co. Logo Squish Fidget or a Mini Squish Toy! Your included Squish Fidget may not match your item, based on availability!

Please Include A Logo Squidget! Please Include a Mini Squish Toy! Please Include One of Each! +$5.00


The FaePod Silicone Plug is shaped like a beautifully textural Blossom on the verge of opening! Every plug has a gloss finish and very little to no friction, allowing for a beautiful plug that is also easy and comfortable to insert and wear!

All our Silicone Toy designs are created with Equity and Accessibility in mind! You won’t find any human-based designs or gendered palettes – every body deserves pleasure, safety, and affordability – regardless of sex, gender, age, size, or disability!

Please remember these toys are poured, trimmed, and washed by hand – each one is unique!

Here at Squidly Co., and we keep every step of our process in house and under rigorous quality control – from designs to molds to production. We always love getting direct feedback on our designs. Our fantasy adult toys in particular are designed to be safe, fun, and multi-functional, and we’re always interested in hearing what you’d like to see in our shop next! Contact Us if you have any requests or suggestions!





Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

1 review for Custom Single Color Size Medium FaePod Fantasy Silicone Plug

  1. Alison

    AMAZING! I honestly wasn’t sure if I would like it because I years ago I tried a T-handle plug as a vaginal toy and the handle became really uncomfortable really quickly. But this one (at least in the Soft firmness) stays comfortable for hours. It has just enough texture to be noticeable, even in Soft, but not so much that it’s difficult to insert or remove. And if you get it in a gemstone color like I did (Dark Violet), the shiny surface makes the texture look faceted in the light!

    More notes for anyone comparing this to silicone eggs: depending on size, the widest part of the toy may rest slightly lower than an egg, but not in a way that felt uncomfortable. Also, the handle makes the toy easier to remove, which can help increase confidence in moving up to larger sizes. (For comparison, the medium FaePod is slightly larger than the large Egg)

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