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Potato’s Mystery Prize Game – Win Stickers, Squish Fidgets, and Even Store Credit here at Squidly Co.!

Potato’s Mystery Prize Game – Win Stickers, Squish Fidgets, and Even Store Credit here at Squidly Co.!


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Everyone loves a good Mystery Prize Game, but gumball machines and bingo ball spinners have been done to death, amirite? Our Chaos Gremlins got together and brainstormed for something totally original, and eventually decided to create the first Cat-Powered Prize Picker!

Scroll down to See Potato in action and read more about the rules and prizes!


More About Our Mystery Prize Game:

Our cat Potato is ridiculously intelligent – like talks with buttons and can solve puzzles smart. Unfortunately he has been beyond bored lately as we’ve gotten busier and busier this year building Squidly Co.! We decided to give him a job that involved more one-on-one time with us, and let me tell ya – he also *really* likes how much training to bap those prize balls involves Churu treats! You can think of that as a secondary prize if you’d like – Potato gets a little treat every time he goes to work picking prizes out for you!

What Can You Win?

Grand Prize #1: $50 Credit here at SquidlyCo.com!

Grand Prize #2: A Full-A-Flops box with B Grade stickers and sensory aids – minimum $100 Value!

Speaking of Stickers, you can win a wide assortment of single and multi-piece packs of our vivid Waterproof Vinyl Stickers!

NEW! 3x Chances for a $10 Credit for your next order at SquidlyCo.com!

Last but not lease, you can also win one of our Squishy Silicone Fidgets – Dino Eggs and Ammonites and Squidgets, Oh My!

A few things to know before you Play:

1) Every Player has an equal chance, as we put all the prize slips right back in between players. This does mean that if you buy multiple prize balls, they will be pulled one by one before being opened as a group. This way everyone truly has the same chance at the Grand Prizes, and with every additional ball you get better odds! We also steadily turn and mix up the balls between *baps* so none stay on the bottom too long! There also isn’t a single ball with a value less than the $5 fee to play, so you’re a guaranteed winner EVERY TIME!

2) There is a shipping charge on this item because *every* single ball is a winner, meaning we’ll be shipping you your prize!

3) All Prizes are our pick – stickers, fidgets, whatever Potato picks for you! Don’t worry – we’re pretty good prize pickers too!

5) We will be posting videos of Potato picking his winners on our Tiktok – give us a follow to see if we post your prize being picked!

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, and happy bapping!

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Weight 4 oz

6 reviews for Potato’s Mystery Prize Game – Win Stickers, Squish Fidgets, and Even Store Credit here at Squidly Co.!

  1. Mary

    So cute loved everything!

  2. Emma

    Fast shipping and wonderful products!!!!

  3. Caroline

    10 out of 10 enjoy cats picking things

  4. Alexandria

    Potato NEVER disappoints! Looking forward to my next round of mystery picks! The variety of goodies you can get is great ^^

  5. Alexandria

    Potato is the bomb as always! 💗💗💗

  6. Alexis Montejo

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