We’re a Small Business with a focus on accessibility, self-care, & self expression and owned & operated by two Queer Humans on the Autism Spectrum! In addition to our unique self-care creations, we’re dedicated to building a community of neurodivergent Affiliate Artists and an Employee-Owned company with a horizontal pay structure, profit share, and large mutual aid program!

Squidly Co. was founded January 1st, 2023

SquidlyCo.com was officially launched on March 1st, 2023

TLDR: Two geeks with the ’tism met, fell in love, rescued 2 cats (and a boatload of plants), then combined their special interests to start a business.

Tale as old as time, amirite?

Kegan (FTM He/Him) is a studio artist with a love of 3D works and accessible, functional design. He is also a trans refugee from Texas, a lover of bow ties, and a bonafide plant daddy. He’s been working with Epoxy Resins and Silicone for 8+ years, including teaching workshops in 4 states. He moved to Seattle 3 years ago and is currently recovering from nearly 6 years of chronic illness.

Daryl (Nonbinary He/They) is a Seattle-area native, a gifted 3D drafter/designer, a puzzle connoisseur, and a space enthusiast. He has deep interests in AI, automation, and computer generating organic shapes and patterns.

Squidly Co.’s Past Events:

Kinkfest, Portland OR, April 2023

White Center Pride, June 2023

Squidly Co.’s Upcoming Events:

Redmond Pride, September 2023

(Our Schedule this year is a bit light due to getting off the ground and Kegan’s upcoming Top Surgery!)