Frequently Asked Questions:

Toy FAQ:

What Silicone do we use? All of our Silicone Creations are made with Smooth-On Brand 100% Platinum Cure Silicone. They are odorless, nonporous, hypoallergenic, and easily cleaned with soap and hot water or your favorite silicone-safe toy cleaner. They can also be sanitized by boiling for 15 seconds!

Do our toys come with suction cups? Bases with built-in suction cups are an available option for some of our models, but not all.

Are our toys safe for anal use? Our Insertable toys with a wide base are indeed safe for anal use, but the kegel eggs are not. If you’re unsure, please contact us and we will do our best to answer.

Do we take custom orders? Yes! We have open customs on all of our designs, with various custom versions available in each design. We also allow custom Notes on orders to further customize your color/style choices! If we have any questions about what you’d requested, we’ll reach out via email!

What size toy should I get? This is going to depend on your experiences and comfort. If you’re new to fantasy toys, we recommend starting with a smaller and thinner toy in a soft or medium firmness. As you explore what you enjoy, get something that you feel you can work up to in terms of size and firmness.

Are these toys compatible with harnesses? Some of our models are, please be sure to check the description of the model to determine if it is. For example, our ‘Charlie’ models are specifically designed for use as a strap-on in a hip harness!

What can I use to clean my toys? You can use any of your favorite toy cleaners, as they’re all essentially the same. Hot water and your favorite antibacterial hand or dish soap always works too – just be sure to rinse thoroughly. You can also use a soft cloth, but always avoid anything abrasive as it can cause micro-tears in the surface of your toys! We recommend a thorough cleaning before and after use.

What lubricants are safe to use with my Squidly Co. Toys? Most toy safe lubricants are fine, but it is possible for silicone based lubes to degrade silicone toys over time. We recommend using only water-based lubricants.

Are my Squidly Co. toys dishwasher safe? We use the highest quality silicones, making them extremely durable and heat resistant. Your toys can be sanitized in the dishwasher, but please be sure not to add any detergents. Your toys can also be boiled for 90 seconds to full sanitize them.

What are kegel eggs? Kegel eggs are vaginal toys designed for pelvic muscle exercises, or for use with ovipositor toys. Check out this Article for Kegel Egg Use & Safety and assess whether they’re right for you!

Can kegel eggs get lost or stuck? These 100% Silicone Kegel Eggs are great for vaginal play (and exercise), but are NOT recommended for anal play. If you’re worried whether they will come out during vaginal play, be assured they absolutely will! Be sure to use lube upon insertion, and if you’re having any trouble with ejection, we recommend a kneeling or standing position and a strong climax to help your body expel them! If gravity and climaxing doesn’t help, they may need to be retrieved by hand – please be careful if you choose to go this route!

Do I need to own an ovipositor toy to use eggs? Nope! Our kegel eggs can be used without a toy, though our small kegel eggs are designed to fit inside most standard ovipositor designs.

Shipping FAQ:

What is the wait time on custom orders? The turnaround time for most of our custom orders is between 7-10 days! Every single piece is poured, demolded, trimmed and washed by hand – we do our best to get them to you as soon as we possibly can without sacrificing any quality control through this process.

How long does it take items to get to me after they’re shipped? Most US orders take 3-5 business days in transit (typically faster on the West Coast.)

Do we ship Internationally? Yes, we ship items worldwide! International Shipping can vary from 1-3 weeks – potentially longer during the Holiday Season. Please plan accordingly and be patient – you’ll hear from your own Customs Office when your package is ready for delivery!

Is our packaging discreet? Absolutely! All of our items come in a nondescript white box with no marking or business name on the box.

Can I return my toy if I don’t like it? Do I get a refund? We do not offer returns or refunds, as these are custom made items for bodily use. The only time we would offer refunds or replacements would be in the case of defects or transit damage.

Can I cancel my order? If your order has not shipped, you can Contact Us Here to cancel! However, if the order has already been made but not yet shipped, there is a 20% cancellation fee that will be deducted from your refund.

Do we provide tracking information? Yes! You can track your toy through the link sent in your ‘Order Processed’ email. This will lead you to the USPS website and let you know when your toy is scheduled to arrive. If you did not receive any order confirmation emails from us, please be sure to check your spam and add ‘’ to your Contacts!

What do I do if my package didn’t show up? If your tracking shows that your order has been delivered, make check your order confirmation to be sure that your delivery address was entered correctly. If it was not, please reorder with the correct address – we will refund the original order IF the item is returned to us by the recipient. If your order did have the correct address, then please reach out directly to your local USPS office and request they follow up with your Delivery Person for a potential misdelivered package. 99% of the time a package that shows Delivered but can’t be found has either be marked as delivered a day early or has been misdelivered nearby. In the case of misdelivery, the package has to be returned to the driver and then redelivered correctly – this process can take several days. It is important to teach out to your local USPS as soon as possible.